Monday, July 9, 2012

Forex Courses toTake Advantage of News Trading

The Amazing Money-Making Forex Strategy
of a Computer Geek from Miami,
Generated $101,803.84 in 90 days,
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You're About To Learn Secrets That Most Forex Mentors,
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Here are the facts: My Live Account Statement from Hotspot FX, a reputable Forex Broker, showed that I opened the account with $75,000 of initial deposit and closed the account in less than 3 short months with over $101K in profit. Here's break down:
  • March 2008 = $59,675.46
  • April 2008 = $25,996.98
  • May 2008 = $16,131.40
After paying broker fees, and tons of other miscellaneous fees, I took out exactly $169,912.80 total, from an initial deposit of $75,000, or $$94,912.80 of Net Profit...
As a matter of fact, I only traded the first 2 weeks in May 2008, and took the rest of the months off...

Read on and see how YOU can take advantage of this amazing Forex strategy in your trading, TODAY!

Dear Forex Trader:      My name is Henry Liu... and I have discovered some extremely effective yet embarrassingly little-known almost "insider" information that will improve YOUR trading overnight guaranteed!  I am so confident that this information works, I will even let you try it for free if you want...
     Here is what it's all about: You see, most Forex traders are technical traders.  They look at candlestick charts, draw trendlines, calculate Fibonacci retracements, throw in some MACD  & Stochastics, wait for everything to line up, and then click on that order button, with fingers crossed behind the back... 
     But it's a HUGE mistake to think only technical, the professionals who make a living trading Forex understand this... but not always in the right way.  A lot of pros will twist your ear talking about how MENTAL trading is, controlling your emotion of greed and fear is the key to everything, and all that...
     They have a point too.  You can't ignore the mental part of trading on Monday and expect to have a profitable week on Friday...
     But there is a VERY CRITICAL fact that almost everyone misses.  And until you understand this "missing link" fact, you will NEVER be good at Forex. Never.


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