Monday, July 9, 2012

Million Dollar Pips Trading

The first real million dollar forex robot. Uses a unique scalping strategy to bring in quick pips with literally less than 5 pip stop loss!

From the desk of: William Morrison

Dear Justifiably Frustrated Forex Trader,

This'll get you really pumped.

If you had put $250 into an account 1 year ago using my completely unique, automated Forex profit-pumping machine, and checked now you would have returned to a cool $1,295,161.50staring you in the face saying "spend me".
You'd REALLY like that, right? So pay very close attention...


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First Forex Robot That Makes Millions With $250 – Million Dollar Pips

[ June 18, 2011 ]
million dollar pips banner
Please take a moment to read this quick e-mail as Million Dollar Pips will change EVERYTHING.I’m excited to share with you a million dollar robot that actually performs incredibly well using a normal and realistic strategy. Million Dollar Pips trades using some simple indicators with advanced money management and is able to keep an extremely low stop loss of no more than 2 – 7 pips on average.

$250 to over $1 million in almost a year – Million Dollar Pips

[ June 9, 2011 ]
million dollar pips banner
There has been many robots launched and there are sure to be more. Many that claim success, and some that claim millions. I’m delighted to share Million Dollar Pips with you.. the first real million dollar forex robot.
Look at the account using Million Dollar Pips: $1000 to now over $1800 within a few weeks. A whopping 80% gain. Tests go as high as $50,000,000 in PROFIT from a small account size in a matter of years! YOU MUST SEE THIS.

Million Dollar Pips Results

This entry is reserved for our official review of Million Dollar Pips. This is a forex product being sold on mostly by Clickbank. There is a refund policy of 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

Remember if you are going to try any forex robot and forex system that you fully understand how the system works before running it live. I always recommend to use your refund period to test it thoroughly for at least a month. If your results are above satisfaction, then and only then should you consider taking steps to trade it live with your hard earned money. Just because a website says their system will make $xx,xxx a month doesn’t mean it’s going to. So if you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to request your money back.


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